Mr. Reitman is an Investment Banking Advisor at Xnergy Financial.  He reviews entertainment and media opportunities for the firm’s financing committee.  He is a filmmaker and author and professional speaker. He is the founder of Blue Water Entertainemnt Inc., an independent production company that produces feature fils and documentaries.

Mr. Reitman directed, wrote and produced Hollywood's Magical Island: Catalina syndicated on American Public Television (APT), and traveled the festival circuit. His production company, Blue Water Entertainment, which specialises in films on the environment, produced Fuel, a feature documentary film on alternative energy with author Josh Tickell. Fuel premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, where it won the 2008 Audience Award. Mr. Reitman's latest production project is a feature documentary entitled Rooted in Peace, released in 2014.

Mr. Reitman earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Amherst and holds a certificate in Film and Television, Marketing and Distribution from UCLA.  He received a master certificate in Creative Producing from Tel Aviv Univerity and has studies at Hokkaido University and the University of Florance in Italy.