Energy and Facility Solutions Including Specialized Engineering, Construction, and Service

Xnergy has been at the forefront of energy efficiency improvements since our inception in 2001.  We have been rated the #1 Alternative Energy Provider by the San Diego Business Journal, and continue to help facilities minimize their energy consumption while also designing and implementing self-generating plants.

We maintain our leadership role in the sustainability, energy management and alternative energy fields by continuing to be "technology-neutral".  That is, we analyze a facility's energy profile and determine the systems, equipment, technology, Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM), and strategies which will allow the site to benefit the most. 

Energy Financing Solutions

Xnergy offers various financing solutions which enable customers to implement energy-savings measures and alternative energy projects with little (or sometimes even $0) in up-front capital.   In essence, a facility can be modernized and its energy usage managed by upgrading the site with state-of-the-art energy efficiency measures such as Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) on HVAC and refrigeration motors, LED lighting, EMS controls upgrades, and other EEM’s.  In addition, alternative and renewable energy projects could be financed via lease or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s), which will allow you to start saving on energy costs immediately and become cash-flow positive without having to spend the capital up front.

Xnergy offers the complete turn-key package including facility analysis, engineering, EEM implementation, and maintainance of the newly-installed systems by our Operations and Service Group. 

Xnergy serves private and public clients from all industries. We provide a single source for project management, planning, design, engineering, pre-construction services, construction, commissioning, and service and maintenance.

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Featured Project Featured Project
Customer: The City of Encinitas
Project: Civic Center Energy Retro-Fit
Location: Encinitas, CA
Design/Builder: Xnergy

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Featured Project Service Dispatch
Xnergy provides the most comprehensive maintenance and service programs available in the industry.

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