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*The City of Encinitas Civic Center Energy Retro-Fit recently was awarded the 2008 SANDEE award for energy excellence by the California Center for Sustainable Energy!








Customer: The City of Encinitas

The Encinitas City Council voted unanimously for Xnergy's alternative energy proposal to retro-fit the Civic Center to meet LEED Silver certification.  The project is allowing the facility to save over 70% of their annual electricity costs.  The scope entailed:

  • 96 kW Solar PV on roof.  This provides "free" power during the most expensive time of day.
  • Addition of a "cool roof" over the existing to reflect heat.
  • New 120-ton water-cooled central plant along with new 4-pipe air handlers.
  • New Thermal Energy Storage (TES or Ice Storage).  This makes and stores the chilled water at night when the electrical rates are half of what they are during the peak in the daytime.
  • Natural lighting including Solatubes and skylights.
  • Lighting Controls

“We'll be contributing to the grid and helping the whole region balance its energy needs,” said Councilwoman Teresa Barth. 

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